Invest In Agriculture Land / Farm House For Better Growth!

Complete End To End Land Buying Solutions Provided By Us:

  • Searching Property According To Your Budget And Choice.
  • Showing Property and Experiencing Land Buying.
  • Purchase process like Title Agreement Registration,Search Report,Land Survey,Boundary wall Demarcation.
  • Construction of Boundary wall / Cement Pole erection / Shrub Wall as desired.
  • Plantation / Bungalow Construction as per requirement.
  • All type of Land Development works and Civil works.
  • Supervision and Security Of Your Purchased Property is with us.
  • All Legal Procedures required to transfer the rights of the property.
  • Assisting in selling your land in future at attractive prices.

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Land Buying Near Mumbai and Pune Ideal For:

  • Farm House, Investment , Plantation Business , Bungalow Estate
  • Company Acquisition of Large Scale Land Parcels.
  • Real Estate Investment.

Experienced Hotelier & Investor wants to help High Net Worth Investors to Acquire/Invest In Land Parcels In Raigad,Maharashtra INDIA.

Hello,I am Shrikant Kamath and I own the Famous Kamath Residency Adventure Resort, A 40 Room 5 Acre adventure resort just 100 Kms from Mumbai and Pune.
I have been a Hotelier all my life with 2 of my other restaurants called Hotel Govindashram in Mumbai. While running a successful restaurant,I stumbled upon the Incredible Art Of Investment and Acquiring Land when I was constructing my 40 Room Resort 25 years back. It was hard,It was painstaking but I finally Cracked the code.I felt an immense sense of acheivement and Pride when I brought the 5 Acre Land For Myself.
It turned out to be the most Highest Paid Investment decision of all with the Princes of Land Rising and Giving a Return of more than 500 times My Initial Investment.
Why Am I doing This?
I am running a successful hotel for close to 40 years now and have delegated and passed on the responsibility of the day to day activities to my 3 Sons,Who handle the business impeccably as trained by me.
While I am enjoying my Retired Phase of my life, I have worked all my life,so One cannot expect me to sit home and do nothing?That will be a waste of my time and I really don’t enjoy sitting at home,Watch TV ,Speak about my past and Self Indulge in Negativity like other Retirees and Old People.
That is not my take on what Life should be. I believe in Work ethic and helping other people with this unique talent and experience I have gained over a peroid of my Life saving them from committing all the mistakes I have gone through and helping them acquire assets which grow Extraordinaryly compared to the conventional Investment Types.
What I am Not?
I am not an Agent,Dealer who gets together the Buyer and Seller and earns a Commission out after the sale. Investors/People who are looking for those…You are in the Wrong Place.You can leave now and I strongly suggest we might not gel well and match our thinking.
Although there are many of those out there,They are not sure of getting the deal through since they lack the Authority , Social Importance,Technical Knowledge,Proper Influence and Right Intention.
There is a lot of difference between Buying A Large Parcel of land (100 Acres and Above) compared to buying a Flat or A Shop or a Building.
There are Many Complexities you have to look into even before you think of Buying it.
If you are serious and understand this Important Difference,You can continue reading..
What Will You Get- The Power Of Land Appreciation?
I find many Businesses and Individuals engrossed in their daily activities generating their profits and living their lives in luxury (Which is somewhat necessary) so Much that they Miss the most important and strategic Secret of Business.
We do business to generate Profits.Profit is Return On Your Investment Less Your Cost.Your Business also Required Capital Investment or Investment in Stock,Real Estate,Technology and Working capital also known as Liquidity. Although there is an Immense sense of acheivement in running a business and the mere activity givis you a sense of satisfaction It does not guarantee you a exponential growth/Profit over a peroid of years.
My investment of 5 lakhs in the year 1988 is currently grown to More than 25 Crore which is still juzzling cash profits in the long run.This is the power of Appreciation combined with business.
However a Mere Land Investment can Multiply Extraordinarily without building or running a business in it.
Why should you listen to me?
I have been investing in Land over 25 years and Have come to know the Nitty Gritties of acquiring a property.Although I do not consider myself completely Knowledgeble (One is always learning throughout our Life) I have experienced,studied and made some of the biggest Mistakes while acquiring land.I have been a serious student all my life and am facinated about how to Locate,Negotiate,Research and Investigate its Legalities and Finally acquire it at the right price only to see its value multiple over a peroid of years without even spending any money over it.
Though the task is not a Cake Walk and We have to go through some pains and Sweat inorder to Buy Land,I am ready to walk alongwith you on this road to Wealth If You are ready to.All necessary services,Legalities and Required activities will be arranged and supervised by me to acheive your goal.
Get in Touch!
If you are reading this far,It means you are a serious student of prosperity and are interested in learning more about the Art of acquiring Land.
To know more about how we can Multiply your wealth and secure it Spend 15 minutes on a Call with me so that we can first find out whether we gel well.
On this call you will find out:
Does Land Investment Suit you.
Whether you can afford to Invest.
Secrets Investment Techniques Of Rich People.
Tips on Successful Investment.
15 Minutes Discovery Call With Me is available on 09004672331 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
I am a old fashioned guy and do not frequently answer your mails .The old Mobile Number Dialing Mobile works for me just fine. Kindly dont expect a email of fax back from me as it aint going to happen.Call me instead.Thanks!
Live Each Day With Passion,
Shrikant Kamath,
Hotelier & Investor.
Reference Sites : (Kamath Residency Resort -Nagothane,Raigad) (Land Aquiring Website)
Earnings Legal Disclaimer?
I don’t believe in get rich Schemes – only in hard work, adding value and serving others. My Advice is intended to help you Invest your hard earned money in Legitimate Land and Properties all over INDIA and to growing your Investment.
As stipulated by law, I can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results,Your Acts or Actions.My intention is to help you legally acquire Assets abiding all the Laws of the land.
I don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? I just want to help by giving great Advice, direction and strategies that move you forward, faster. Nothing on this page or any of my websites is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only and those are my experience.
I think these disclaimers are important and we post them because it’s the right thing to do. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, live fully, love openly, and make a difference today.
Land Parcels / Plots Available – Call 09511717983 / 09004672331
Agricultural Plot Near Pali Raigad                                                                   – 3 Acres
Agricultural Plot Near Roha,Ghosala Village                                                    -10 Acres
Agricultural Plot Near Kham Village                                                                – 02 Acres

Land at Roha Tamadi.                                                                                        -125 acres

Land at khopli pen road dam touch R zone                                                        -500 acres
Land at khopoli Imagica road  green zone dam touch                                        -300 acres
Pnvl go Rd nagothane  R Zone N.a highway touch                                              -100 acres
green zone nr bhira dam                                                                                     -500 acres
Land Parcel at neral read Near Ghadeshar Dam panvel                                     -100 acres
ready farm house nr mangau ample water anual income is 10 lack                    -25 acres
Farm house near Murud Janjira                                                                          – 157 acres
Many 2 acres, 5 acres, 10 acres plots near sea or river touch are Available.
Call 09511717983 / 09004672331 Now For More Information!